Kishan Dholakia photo

Prof. Kishan Dholakia
- School of Physics & Astronomy, University of St Andrews, UK

Claude Nogues photo

Dr. Claude Nogues
- Biosensors and the dynamics of macromolecular interactions, Ecole Normale Suprieure de Cachan, FRANCE

Daniel Jaque photo

Dr. Daniel Jaque
- Fluorescence Imaging Group, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, SPAIN


Dr. Grzegorz Cywinski
- Laboratory of semiconductor Optoelectronics, UNIPRESS (High Pressure Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences), POLAND

Maciej Dems photo

Dr. Maciej Dems
- Photonics Group, Lodz University of Technology, POLAND

Grzegorz Dariusz Sulka photo

Dr. Grzegorz Dariusz Sulka
- Nanostructured Materials Group, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, POLAND

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